April Mop Coloring Page


Some children’s favorite activity these days is playing. One child play activities most preferred child is coloring and drawing. Coloring and drawing is a very good thing for the child because the coloring is not just a play but also can be to train the intelligence of our children. Coloring activities and drawing together the fruit of learning and appreciation of children. Coloring and drawing very well when it was introduced earlier by children of pre-school age. The second function is to help develop children’s intelligence, mainly to train the right brain in the art. But we must remember, never forbid children to the creation of his imagination. Both in terms of coloring and drawing. For example, when a child draw a box-shaped ball though, should not be banned, scolded or dictated. Let the imagination develops itself. Should be given first and then explore the reasons why he chose that color and draw the shape. We will be amazed and in awe to hear it because the answers they are a reflection of imagination.Coloring and drawing activity in children can help educate children in adulthood.

Drawing and coloring are also useful for children’s growth and development socially. If the coloring and drawing activities is done in groups with their friends, of course they can interact and chat in their own language that can train your child verbal skills.At this early stage that children get better results, we can direct them to learn coloring beforehand. Then on the next phase of the new direct the child to draw.


In addition, the ability of children to be better trained to recognize various colors and shapes crayons, and drawing results and coloring that could boost the growth of your child to train agility and motor when holding crayon with the correct technique. Learning techniques coloring for children is very important to help the development of spatial intelligence to your child. In this case the role of parents are needed to help guide the technique of coloring pictures on their children. Basically skills and abilities of children in coloring pictures generally have ties to what is seen in the real world and make it happen in the form of images. A child’s imagination in coloring the shape and image objects is one skill that makes one between imagination and visualization.

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